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08.12.19 Power Ranking

Power Rankings 08-12-19

30. Detroit Tigers-35-80, L-2 in a row, 3-7 Last 10 games. If there is any positive to the Tigers season is well it’s almost over?… Also since the all-star break The are 29thin scoring so that’s an improvement.

29. Baltimore Orioles-39-78, W-1, 3-7 Last 10 games. They have allowed over five home runs in a game more than seven times this year! That is a crazy fact

28. Kansas City Royals-43-76, W-2 in a row, 3-7 Last 10 games. Play in a weak Central division that is dominated by the tribe and Twins. 

27. Miami Marlins-44-73, L-1, 2-8 Last 10 games. Brian Anderson is a solid point for the marlins, Has hit over 20 Bombs and is only 26 years old.

26. Seattle Mariners-48-71, L-3 in a row, 2-8 last 10 games They are a lack in Pitching and also a star. They don’t have any depth either. 

25. Toronto Blue Jays-49-72, L-1, 5-5 last 10 games Bo Bichette is a strong point. Having more doubles than Justin Smoak! Adding the young phenom with Vlad Jr in a few years they will be fun to watch. 

24. Pittsburg Pirates-48-69, L-8 in a row, 1-9 last 10 games Josh Bell can’t hit the side of a building right now. Although he hit 2 bombs Sunday these were his first since the all star break! Come on now! Josh Bell is better than that! COME ON JOSH I’m Calling you out. Prove to me that you’re the real deal. 

23. Chicago White Sox-52-64, L-1, 6-4 last 10 games Although there is not much of a positive for the sox Tim Anderson is probably the only positive. He is batting .360 since the break and sits at .324 for the season. 

22. Colorado Rockies-53-65, W-1, 3-7 in last 10 games The Last place NL WEST Rocks 3-15 on the road since July 1st. The pitching also has posted a 6.99 ERA in Aug.

21. San Diego Padres-55-62, L-1, 5-5 in last 10 games Fernando Tatis Jr continues to be the star of the Padres org, He just had his 14 game hit streak snapped yesterday. During that hit streak he batted 19-60 (.317) With 6 Bombs. 

20. Cincinnati Reds-56-60, L-1, 6-4 in last 10 games Since trading Puig off to Cleveland the Reds had a rookie sensation Aristides Aquino He hit 3 bombs on Saturday, and has homered seven times in ten games. (counting his one-game debut from a season ago) Only player to do that is Trevor Story. 

19. LA Angels-58-61, W-2, 2-8 in last 10 games Injury bug struck the LAA. Too bad Trout can’t play every position. Pitching is awful 

18. San Francisco Giants-59-60, W-2, 4-6 in last 10 games Nothing better than a comeback story of Jeff Samardzija. In his past eight starts he has given the Giants a 1.95 ERA and great starts. ALL SF wins BTW. His season ERA is 3.55

17. ArizonaDiamondbacks-59-59, L-2, 5-5 in last 10 games The D-Backs are very young. Not sure if they are going to be contenders for a long time. 

16. Philadelphia Phillies-60-58, L-2, 3-7 in last 10 games Two games over .500 Bryce is having a down year and an even bigger disappointment is Cesar Hernandez. The Phillies need him to lead off but he is swinging at everything under the sun.  

15. Boston Red Sox-62-58, L-2, 3-7 in last 10 games Chris Sale looked like the old Chris Sale this week with a strong pitching performance. 

14. Texas Rangers-59-58, W-1, 6-4 in last 10 games Nothing really positive to say about the Rangers. Other than I bet the fans wish instead of honoring Josh Hamilton to the Hall of Fame on Saturday he was suiting up again. Someone give this team some life they are slipping out of playoff contention. 

13. Milwaukee Brewers-62-57, L-1, 5-5 in last 10 games Christian Yelich’s back issues has continued forcing him out of the lineup. Though the Brewcrew responded with five straight wins.

12. Washington Nationals-62-55, W-1, 5-5 in the last 10 games Max Scherzer is coming back as long as the simulated game Tuesday goes well. This could be a huge factor for this team coming down the stretch. 

11. St. Louis Cardinals-61-55, W-3, 4-6 in the last 10 games The cards got simply ran over by the LAD this past week as the team only scored two runs the whole series. Matt Carpenter and Ozuna need to get their offence together. Also Molina may be on the come up after a stint in Springfield Correct?

10. New York Mets-61-57, L-1, 8-2 Last 10 games The METS! 8-2 in the last 10 is an improvement everyone is talking about the offence how about Zack Wheeler facing the Braves and the struggling Royals this week?

9. Chicago Cubs-64-54, W-1, 7-3 in last 10 games, Cubbies are struggling on the road. Pitching is terrible on the road posting a 4.98 Average. 

8. Oakland A’s-67-51, W-1, 6-4 in last 10 games, Mike Fiers and Chris Bassitt have a combined 1.89 ERA since the All Star Break! (In 12 Starts)

7. Tampa Bay Rays-69-50, W-3, 8-2 in last 10 games The Rays have no chance of catching the Yankees in the standings but hey at least they may get a WC spot. LOL

6. Atlanta Braves-70-50, W-1, 5-5 in last 10 games The Bullpen… Straight Garbage since the deadline. They blew a 6-2 lead on Saturday in the bottom of the 9th. Shane Greene was supposed to add depth and confidence to that squad and it’s looking like the opposite is happening 4 games over 500 since July 2nd

5. Minnesota Twins-71-47, L-1, 5-5 in last 10 games These rankings are for a power index correct? Well the twins have eleven players in double digits in Home Runs… They are currently tied with the tribe for first in the central. Buckle up Folks the Central is going to be fun down the stretch. 

4. Cleveland Indians-71-47, L-1, 8-2 in last 10 games The past four game series the Indians took 3-4 from the Twins moving them into a tie for the division. Carlos Santana hit a GS in the 10thon Sunday. On another note how big has Roberto Perez been? A career high in Home Runs at 19 so far. It’s been a fun year for berto! 

3. New York Yankees-77-41, W-1, 8-2 in last 10 games The Yankees are and could be in the discussion for the top two spots. Posting a same record as the Astros. Urshela had back to back two homer games and a total of five for the week. 

2. Houston Astros-77-41, L-1, 8-2 in last 10 games The Astros keep piling up the hits category with Gurriel killin it. He knocked in eight runs in a game earlier in the week against the rockies. 

1. LA Dodgers-79-41, W-2, 8-2 in last 10 games The Dodgers are my favorites to win it all this year so no surprise they are at the top. They have found another player stepping up and absolutely crushing the baseball. Kristopher Negron was with the Mariners (sitting on the bench) Now he is batting third for the Dodgers hitting .345 and hit two homers in his first nine games. 

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