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08.19.19 Power Rankings! Find out where your team ranks this week according to the 643 crew! Make sure to check us out every Monday Streaming Live on Facebook starting at 8pm Eastern.

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643 Baseball Power Rankings Week 3

  1. New York Yankees– 83-43, L-1, 7-3, These guys are on absolute fire. They absolutely crush the ball and have no problem shutting it down with the gloves either. The Yankees are 7-3 in the last ten and look like they are reemerging as the team to beat come October. 
  2. Dodgers– 82-44, L-2, 6-4, Uh Bellinger would you like to give some HR to someone else? How exciting is he to watch. On Sunday he belted his 42ndHR which gave him back the lead in the MLB HR Race.
  3. Houston– 79-46, W-1, 4-6, The Stros are 4-6 in the last 10 we know what they bring to the table but this week they have slipped with the emerging Yankees at 7-3 and the Dodgers at 6-4. 
  4. Minnesota– 76-48, W-4, 6-4, They absolutely crushed Texas over the weekend. Making for a clean sweeeeeeeeep. Which gave them a 2.5 game lead over the tribe in the AL Central. We have said it for the past two weeks the Twins keep winning. I am excited to see how the central plays out. I love this time of year! 
  5. ATL– 74-52, W-2, 6-4, Andrew are you happy? This is right where this team needs to be. They still have questions in that bullpen. It looks like they have moved Greene almost to the set up roll along with Luke Jackson. Mark Melancon is the closer?
  6. Tampa– 73-52, W-2, 7-3, Tampa Bay’s Starting rotation has been sort of in disarray as of late. They have had to mix and match different pitchers into the roll. One stable arm that has been there all year for the Ray’s is Charlie Morton. They will need his consistency and big arm down the stretch for this playoff run. 
  7. Cleveland– 74-51, W-1, 5-5, I know this will break a lot of hearts in Cleveland and our own but the tribe slipped a bit. They held their own against possibly the best team in baseball and got the split in New York. The Rangers hurt our division race with the twins absolutely tearing them up. We are now 2.5 back in the Central with a lot of work to do. Kluber needs to get his but back and Cookie needs to be healthy if we are going to make any noise in the Playoffs.   
  8. Oakland– 71-53, L-1, 6-4, The A’s are sort of a surprise team to me… Khris Davis obviously is having a down year only hitting 17 HR in the DH role. I figured he would at least have over 20, ( The previous three seasons he has hit 113).  
  9. Cubbies– 66-58, W-2, 4-6, The Cubs sitting seven games over .500 are sort of my sleeper team… I think if they get rolling come late September and Jon Lester gets it together they can do damage in the playoffs. I’m intrigued to see what they have to offer. PS I STILL HATE THEM FOR 2016. 
  10. St. Louis– 65-57, W-1, 7-3, The Cards need to find a solid leadoff hitter, Maybe a move from Matt Carpenter is a need? The No1 and 2 slot in the lineup ranks 27thout of 30 MLB Teams… You can’t have that come October. You need the 1 spot to bring the tempo up and start a rally. 
  11. Washington– 67-56, W-1, 7-3, This team IF HEALTHY could make some noise with the playoff’s coming. Obviously they need to get SP Max Scherzer back for them to even have a chance. October will be a time they need a solid 1-3 at least. 
  12. Boston– 67-59, W-5, 7-3, Is Sale headed to season ending surgery? Probably won’t see much of Sale as he was headed to see Dr. Andrews today to speak about the elbow that has nagged him most of the season. 
  13. New York Mets– 64-60, W-2, 6-4, What a roller coaster of a team. Leadoff Hitter Jeff McNeil is providing a spark to the lineup while having a great chance at the NL Batting title. Since the all-star break McNeil has hit 8HR in 124 Plate Appr. This team is young and is going to be fun to watch for a few years to come. 
  14. Brewers– 64-60, L-1, 6-4, Unfortunately the brewers don’t have a playoff caliber pitching staff, so that means more on the shoulders for the bats. Led by non-other than Christian Yelich which has been working through those back issues.
  15. Phillies– 64-60, L-2, 5-5, As Bryce Harper is the big name in the organization don’t forget about the stud catcher! J.T. Realmuto is by far one if not the best catcher in the game right now. He not only does it with his bat but he possibly could be the best defensive backstop right now. I look for him to receive his first gold glove this year. 
  16. San Fran– 63-62, L-1, 7-3, Just over .500 which I expected for them around this time of year. With Buster Posey coming back from the Hip Injury 
  17. Arizona– 62-63, W-1, 4-6, We say it every week, Darn Starting pitching and a lack of a star. They do have Ketel Marte which has been a wonderful surprise for them batting .320, 25HR, 71RBI. One of my favorite players to watch in baseball. 
  18. LA Angels– 62-64, W-2, 6-4, SP is the biggest issue for the Angels, Obviously you have the MVP and the best player in the game in Trout. One player isn’t enough to do it all. It’s not the NBA. COME ON NOW. Build up around this awesome piece. 
  19. Texas– 60-64, L-4, 2-8, TEXASSSS YOU’VE FAILED ME. When I need you to win, you stink it up against the Twins. Even while inducting 32 into the Rangers Hall of Fame. Bet you fans wish he was still suiting up, hitting bombs, and driving in 90 RBI’s. 
  20. SD Padres-58-65, W-2, 6-4, Time for the 2020 Auditions to begin, Tatis with the back injury isn’t great for the young player or the Padres… 
  21. Cincinnati– 58-65, L-1, 4-6, Pitching is obviously going to derail this Reds ball club, you would think with the addition of Trevor Bauer they would be right in the hunt. Instead they are struggling to keep pace. If they are going to catch up they are going to need more consistent starts from the SP position. Bauer is having a terrible year in three starts for Cincinnati, Bauer has posted an ERA of 7.31 WOWZA. Come on Bauer you are better than that. 
  22. Colorado– 57-67, W-4, 5-5, Ryan McMahon is a rising star and a potential starting 2B for the Rockies next year, He has hit Five Bombs in the past week. Something to watch as the Rockies probably won’t make a run at the playoffs.  
  23. Chicago White Sox– 55-68, L-2, 4-6, The ALMOST .500 White Sox are struggling
  24. Pittsburg– 51-72, L-2, 3-7, Last week I called Josh Bell out and what did he do this week? He had four hits all week. In the series against the Angels he went 4/13, and over the weekend he went 0/8 against the Cubbies… Come on you are a star that the Pirates need to build around. I need to see more. I know the pop this guy has in that bat.  
  25. Seattle– 52-73, W-2, 5-5, Rehab Night for Felix Hernandez, Mariners fans better enjoy him while they can because this is probably the last year he will be in Seattle. 
  26. Toronto– 52-75, L-2, 5-5, Bo Bichette still turning heads, while Vlad JR and Biggio are having a hard time well simply doing anything…   
  27. Miami– 45-78, L-3, 3-7, Can Derek Jeter turn this ball club around? What does this Marlins squad need to be a contender in the next few years? Pitching? A Big Star? 
  28. KC Royals-44-80, L-2, 4-6, Jorge Soler is putting up crazy numbers for the non-contending Royals, 35 HR, 88 RBI, .259 BA, He will for sure break Moose’s team HR Record of 38 set in 2017. 
  29. Detroit Tigers– 37-84, L-2, 4-6, Tigers first team to 100 loses? Will they avoid the modern single season loss record? (Met’s 1960)
  30. Baltimore O’s– 39-85, L-7, 1-9 Bright young star Anthony Santander OF 24 Years Old,  Since his June call up he has 11 bombs an 113 OPS. Will he be an everyday player in 2020 for the O’s?

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