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08.26.19 Power Rankings!

Hosted by Ryan Cameron & Mat Raines

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30.  Detroit Tigers- 39-89, L-2, 3-7 in the last 10 games. 

Detroit returns to the last place this week in the rankings. It’s been a gloomy summer in Detroit as the Tigers are playing terrible baseball and they are watching Miguel Cabrera stick it out. After having a horrible first few months of the year Miggy is coming up clutch in August. Having his best month yet with seven extra base hits and three homers. Although Cabrera is having a rough year let’s not forget he is going to be a first ballet Hall Of Famer once his playing days are over. He is a triple crown winner and what a run he had over the span of four years. 2010-2014. 

29. Baltimore Orioles- 43-88, W-2, 4-6 in the last 10 games. 

The O’s are a mess. To simplify the terminology. Although they just split a four game set with the Tampa Bay Ray’s. This week they travel up to Washington to take on the Nationals, Before they get back to another matchup with the Ray’s. Could they ruin the Ray’s hopes for a Wild Card spot? Personally I say no, But that’s why they play the game folks!

28. Kansas City Royals- 46-85, W-1, 3-7 in the last 10 games. 

Times are tough in Kansas City right now (at least baseball wise). The Royals are only ahead of the Tigers by 6.5 games and got lucky they weren’t swept by the Indians over the weekend. They are a very young and don’t get it twisted they are VERY talented. I believe with Soler .251 Avg, 36 HR, 91 RBI’s, and Merrifield batting almost .300 at (.298) 15 HR, 65 RBI. This team if they got the pitching situation figured out they could surprise some people in the coming years.

27. Miami Marlins- 47-82, W-1, 3-7 in the last 10 games. 

Wei- Yin Chen… WHAT IN THE WORLD. His stats are troublesome to even look at. At age thirty four (34) he is posting a career ERA as 4.21. Some of you may look at this and say it’s not so bad… Let me elaborate a bit. Chen is posting a 8.78 ERA in August. He has had a horrible past week in 3.2 Innings Pitched he has given up 5 hits, 5 ER, and is posting a 12.27 ERA for the week. What a mess. 

26. Toronto Blue Jays-53-80, L-1, 2-8 in the last 10 games. 

We seem to be saying his name in any conversation we have but goodness what an impressive rookie campaign the young Bo Bichette is putting together. In his twenty six (26) career starts Bo has reached base in twenty three (23) of them. Toronto you have a gem in Bichette. He not only can hit he does it with the glove as well unlike some specific rookie I wont mention… 

25. Pittsburg Pirates- 55-75, W-3, 5-5 in the last 10 games. 

What a weekend Pittsburg had sweeping the Cincinnati Reds. Josh Bell showing up collecting his 100 RBI mark! The Pirates outscored the Reds 26-10. Friday the final was 3-2, Saturday 14-0, and Sunday 9-8. Very nice to see that the bats woke up in Pittsburg over the weekend. Why aren’t they using Felipe Vazquez are frequent as they can? He is posting a 1.62 ERA and has had only four save chances in the last 54 games. Is this going to be his last season as a Pirate? If I was a betting man I would say yes. 

24. Seattle Mariners- 56-75, W-1, 7-3 in the last 10 games. 

What a week for the M’s! Posting the same record for the week with the Astro’s and Athletics. The return of King Felix (Hernandez) on Saturday in front of the Mariners faithful. He did however throw 5 and 2/3 innings and allowed two runs against the Blue Jays. Justus Sheffield a highly sought after prospect was promoted to the big leagues and added to the big league rotation. He allowed seven (7) hits and three (3) walks in four innings, throwing first pitch strikes to 11 of 22 batters he faced. 

23. Colorado Rockies- 58-73, L-4, 4-6 in the last 10 games. 

This past weekend is one the Rockies want to forget about… Getting swept by the Cards. This week doesn’t seem to let up any in the opponent category as they start a series with the Atlanta Braves! 

22. Cincinnati Reds- 60-69, L-3, 4-6 in the last 10 games. 

Along with the Rockies being swept the Reds were swept by the Pirates. The pitching staff which was said to become the Reds power source continues to be their down fall! Bauer and company are posting a very high ERA in the month and just don’t look comfortable on the mound. 

21. San Diego Padres- 60-69, W-1, 5-5 in the last 10 games. 

The struggle is continuing at the top of the line-up for the Padres as they are trying to find some sort of consistency without Tatis out. This team is very young and may surprise some folks in the next few years. Padre fans keep your head up. You are coming along. I look to see them in the next four years to be in contention for the divison. 

20. Chicago White Sox- 60-70, W-1, 6-4 in the last 10 games.

The Sox put together a pretty solid week for the situation they were in. They won 3 of 4 from the Rangers but they have a tough week ahead with the Twins coming to visit for a series. 

19. Los Angeles Angels- 63-70, L-5, 5-5 in the last 10 games. 

The Angels ran into a bus named the Houston Astros. Let’s get this straight, the Angels have Trout and they are wasting this poor man’s career. He would be awesome to watch in postseason action. Imagine him stepping to the plate in a pivotal position with say the bases loaded two outs in the ninth against the likes of Chapman, in October baseball is simply better. The stakes are higher and I want to see how he would do under a considerate amount of pressure.   

18. Texas Rangers- 64-68, L-1, 4-6 in the last 10 games.

 Although the Rangers have dropped three games to the White Sox over the past week I couldn’t place them at 20 this week. The Rangers have a better overall squad and also record. Mike Minor still has a shot at the AL ERA title. He has some work to do as he will be facing the Angels, and Mariners this week. Texas has a rough September schedule so I look for them to drop in the coming weeks as they face the likes of the Rays, A’s, Astros, Red Sox, and New York Yankees

17. Arizona Diamondbacks- 65-66, W-1, 4-6 in the last 10 games. 

Right around .500. Not only is their pitching mediocracy they haven’t been hitting well either. Fun fact they haven’t hit double figures in hit’s in any of their past seven games. (42 hits in the past seven games) Pretty crazy. Look for them to stay around this .500 mark the rest of the season. 

16. San Francisco Giants- 65-65, W-2, 5-5 in the last 10 games. 

When Kevin Pillar is your highest batting average you deserve to be around .500. Holy cow you literally have Belt, Longoria, and Crawford. Pitching is horrible as well. No starter has more than nine (9) wins. Leading the club in win’s is Samardzija with (9), his ERA is 3.44 as well. You can’t expect to contend when your pitchers are pitching like this. 

15. Milwaukee Brewers- 67-63, L-1, 5-5 in the last 10 games.

Sitting two (2) games back in the NL Wild Card and only four and a half games back (4.5) in the NL Central The Brewers have a lot to play for. The division is within reach although I don’t believe they have the pitching to overtake the lead a Wildcard is more than likely where they end up IF they continue to play well. They need to have a positive week ahead as they face the Cardinals starting this evening. 

14. Chicago Cubs- 69-61, L-3, 5-5 in the last 10 games.

These were my sleeper team. I don’t believe they are anymore. Although the addition of Nicholas Castellanos has been great. He is hitting the lights out of the baseball in Chicago. They do however start a series with the New York Mets. 

13. New York Mets-67-63, L-3, 6-4 in the last 10 games.

The Mets… Where to begin. I am at a loss of words and well hair. After making a bet last week right here on this show with Mr. Jason Serrano I was almost certain that there was no way that the Met’s were going to sweep my beloved Cleveland Indians and they did just that. With a record of 67-63 there is no way I could place them below the Red Sox (70-62). That Pitching rotation could be scary come playoff time. 

12. Philadelphia Phillies- 67-62, L-1, 6-4 in the last 10 games.

Right now the Phillies are sitting one and a half (1.5) games back in the Wild Card standings right now. There is no way that they are going to come back from eleven and a half (11.5) deficit to take the division. They simply don’t have enough fire power in the order along with streaky pitching. They simply don’t stand up to the likes of the Nationals and Braves who own that division. 

11. Boston Red Sox- 70-62, L-1, 7-3 in the last 10 games

We all Boston can hit. How about that Red Sox bullpen. Man oh man it’s been lights out. That is going to be a huge if the Sox plan on one making it to the playoffs and doing damage in them. Since August 12ththe pen is posting a 1.55 ERA. They are putting in work! 

10. St. Louis Cardinals- 71-58, W-4, 8-2 in the last 10 games

The Cardinals continue to hold the lead over the Cubbies by (2.5) games. They continue to play great baseball. Carpenter seems to be on the come up and I urge them to possibly play with that lineup. I know Fowler is not an ideal leadoff but he has done pretty well since stepping into the roll. 

9. Tampa Bay Rays- 76-56, L-2, 5-5 in the last 10 games

The injury bug is striking the Ray’s bullpen. This week Lowe was moved to the 60 day IL, therefore ending his season. Now Jose Alvarado is back on the 10 day with Elbow inflammation. If the Rays are going to make a move they need to be healthy. I still don’t believe they are even in the Yankees ball park, but that is why we play the game.

8. Cleveland Indians- 76-55, L-1, 4-6 in the last 10 games.

What a week for the Tribe. It personally hurts seeing them slip but I don’t believe I can put them any higher at this point. They are 4-6 in the last ten games and got swept by the Met’s. Sure they took 2/3 from the KC Royals over the weekend but they are supposed to win those games. Now let’s talk future. Jose Ramirez underwent what is more than likely season ending surgery after breaking his hamate. This is a huge blow. He was heating up after his terrible start to the season. I look for the Indians to sneak into the playoffs but do minimal damage. 

7. Oakland Athletics- 74-55, L-2, 7-3 in the last 10 games.

With the Athletics losing the past two games with the Giants, they start what should be an easy series against the KC Royals. The Athletics are posting a 7-3 mark over the last 10 games making them right in the mix.

6. Washington Nationals- 73-57, W-5, 8-2 in the last 10 games.

What a weekend sweep of the Cubbies! 9-3, 7-5 in extra’s, and 7-2. They have won 11 of 13 and have a big four (4) game lead over the Cubs in the Wild Card Race. How far will the Nat’s go? They have bats… But will the pitching hold up?

5. Minnesota Twins- 79-51, W-2, 7-3 in the last 10 games

We say it every week. The Twins keep winning! The schedule has been on the Twinkies side lately playing the Tigers, then starting a series this evening with the White Sox. They continue to prove that they are the real deal. 

4. Atlanta Braves- 80-52, W-8, 8-2 in the last 10 games.

The Braves did what the Indians couldn’t sweep the Met’s. What a game Friday night the two had an 14 inning affair! The Braves have won or tied nine series in a row. Have they found their closer in Mark Melancon? He did give up a run on Sunday but he has four saves and one win in his past five appearances. 

3. New York Yankees- 85-47, W-1, 4-6 in the last 10 games.

The Yankees continue to show us why they deserve to be in the top three spots, unfortunately they have a 4-6 record in the last ten games and the top two have better ten game records.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers- 86-46, L-1, 5-5 in the last 10 games.

Will Smith continues to solidify his hold behind the plate as he is crushing the ball in Aug. The past three weeks he’s posted a .280, .373, and .719 averages for the weeks. Joe Kelly is also coming up clutch out of the bullpen posting a 1.59 ERA.

  1. Houston Astros- 85-47, W-4, 7-3 in the last 10 games.

Pitching! This staff is incredible. The Cy Young will come down to Verlander and Cole. They both are 1 and 2 in strikeouts and also in the top 10 in ERA. What a fun race to the Cy Young it’s going to be. I do however have to elaborate on why I ranked them so high. The pitching is just one part. They have posted a 7-3 recored over the past 10 games that is two games better than the Dodgers and three over the Yanks! It’s a toss-up every week between these teams but I tell you I absolutely love baseball!  

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